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Grout recoloring/Color seal


We only use the best of the best super premium color sealer. You can choose to change the color, or return to the original color. Either way you are left with grout that is perfectly uniform and looking brand new!


We first do a thorough hand cleaning of both the tile and grout. Along with our super premium sealers, our hand cleaning is what separates us from our competition. Most companies these days use harmful steam cleaning or scrubbing machines that can compromise the integrity of the grout and can cause permanent damage. We use a gentle chemical that is safe for your family as well as the surface we are cleaning while removing all surface dirt and bacteria.


Your'e left with squeaky clean tile and perfectly uniform grout that is completely impervious to future stains. Simply put, it will be the easiest to care for tile floor you will ever own! Check out our gallery for some before and after pictures.


Wood Deep Cleaning 

Most people don't realize just how dirty their wood floors are. Simply mopping wood floors every so often is not enough to remove dirt and bacteria.

We offer the service of deep cleaning wood floors. Our state of the art deep cleaning machine has a scrubber on the front and a scrubber on the back with a wet vacuum attached. We use a mild cleaning solution while safe enough to not damage the finish, is strong enough to remove all surface dirt and bacteria. Our machine scrubs while extracting the dirty liquid. Cleaning the tops, in between, and even underneath the boards. 

This service is safe for all types of wood floors including hand scraped, as well as engineered wood, vinyl, and laminate floors.

Feel free to see the disgusting dirty liquid we pour out of the machine afterwards if you dare!


Stripping and sealing Saltillo tile/Mexican Pavers


Saltillo tile can be successfully stripped and resealed only if all of the existing sealer is completely removed from both the tile and the grout. Stripping is a chemical process with absolutely no sanding or abrasion involved. We strip the Saltillo tile and grout on hands and knees with handheld brushes. The existing sealer melts into a dark dirty goo that we wipe up with rags by hand. Taking the surface back down to the clean, bare tile. The process is completely dust free. We have a proprietary stripper manufactured commercially to our precise specifications. It is crucial that Saltillo tiles be properly sealed to protect the integrity of the soft Saltillo Paver. Sealing the Saltillo Tiles will help to prevent staining of the tile. Proper sealing will greatly ease future clean up and maintenance of your Saltillos. A clear shine on your Saltillo tiles will allow the true beauty of the Saltillo to show. Saltillo Tiles also lend themselves to staining with any number of colors.

grout seal 1.jpg

Grout Sealing

There are many benefits to sealing new grout. It is very important to not only protect your investment but for ease of maintenance as well. Whether its a new build or a new floor or shower in your home, sealing the grout is imperative.

Sealing new grout protects the grout from bacteria, mold, and dirt. The grout sealer acts as a barrier to any unwanted substances penetrating your porous grout.

Sealing grout increases the lifespan of your grout and greatly reduces cleaning the cleaning time of your grout. If the dirt and grime cant get in, it saves you time cleaning while your new grout stays beautiful and clean. 


All grout sealers are not created equal. We use only the highest quality products so your seal will last the test of time. 

wood 6.jpg

Dust free wood refinishing

While we do offer full sand and refinishing of hardwood floors, in our experience most of the time a full sand and refinish is not necessary. Seal Systems is unique in the fact that we offer a dust free option for refinishing hardwood and engineered wood floors. This option saves you a ton of money, time, and hassle!


We begin with a light abrasion that removes contaminants and preps the floor for a coat of finish. We then do a deep cleaning of the wood floors with our state of the art wood cleaning machine. This machine not only scrubs the wood floor but also extracts the dirt and moisture from the tops, in between, and even underneath the boards. We then apply a coat of super premium finish in the sheen of your choosing to the floor. Leaving the wood with the luster of a new floor while protecting from traffic and scratches.

This process typically takes one day and can be walked on with socks 3 hours after we finish. 

concrete stain 2.jpg

Concrete staining and sealing

Is your stamped concrete looking blah? 

Over time stamped concrete begins to lose it's luster and starts to look dull. Even worse when it starts to lose it's color. 

Don't worry, we can fix that!

We start with a heavy duty cleaning of the surface. We use super premium concrete stains to either touchup, or completely re stain the area. We then use an outdoor sealer to add protection from our damaging Texas weather. Our sealer will add protection and the beautiful luster it once had in the sheen of your choice!

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